O.P.I Pedicures

Aug 16


Purpose and Benefits of Pedicures:

A Pedicure relaxes not only your foot but entire body. It is a luxurious experience. It can help treat many foot problems such as ingrown nails, calluses, toe infections etc.

Scrubbing and massaging of foot skin treats cracks in heals. It improves and increases bloood circulation. During foot massage, pressure points of the whole body are massaged which gives relaxation to the body.

It relieves any pain in the feet and legs because of the massage. Skin becomes soft and glowing by scrubbing and removing dead skin cells and massaging in foot cream.

What is a Paraffin Pedicures/Manicures?

A paraffin pedicure/Manicure is a treatment during which paraffin wax is applied to the feet/hands in order to moisturise the skin. The paraffin is usually applied after the feet/hands have been washed and buffed and after the nails have been cleaned, cut and filed.

The pedicure/manicure includes the application of nail polish, this is done after the paraffin has been applied, left to cool, and then removed.

Before the paraffin wax is applied to the feet/hands, it is warmed in a small tub. As such, the wax is in a liquid state when it is applied to the feet/hands.

The feet/hands are dipped into the tub of wax two to three times, then wrapped in a plastic bag.

Once treatment is concluded your feet / hands will be left feeling and looking luscious!

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